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Alside Mezzo Windows – Review

Alside Mezzo Windows – Review

Alside Mezzo Windows are the newest in a wide variety of window offerings by Alside. The Mezzo window is a redesign andalside-mezzo-cross-section upgrade from the Alside Excalibur window which is n…

Alside Mezzo Windows – Review


alside-mezzoAlside Windows

  • Alside is owned by Associated Materials Incorporated (other window companies owned by AMI: Revere, Preservation & Alpine Windows)
  • Alside was formed in 1947 by Jerome and Manual Kaufman.
  • Alside has over 100 company-owned Supply Centers and 5 manufacturing plants across America.
  • Alside produces numerous exterior products including Siding, Windows & Patio Doors, Insulation, Railing and Gutters.


Alside Mezzo Windows

Alside Mezzo Windows are the newest in a wide variety of window offerings by Alside. The Mezzo window is a redesign andalside-mezzo-cross-section upgrade from the Alside Excalibur window which is no longer being produced. To say that the Mezzo window is a vast improvement over the Excalibur would be an understatement.  Actually, the Alside Mezzo window more closely resembles the higher grade and more expensive Alside Sheffield or Alside UltraMaxx window but with a true sloped sill (which I personally think is a better design) and narrow profile. Like the Sheffield and UltraMaxx, the Alside Mezzo frame feels much alside mezzo frame widthmore rigid than other windows in its price bracket.  A strong, semi-rigid frame that can flex with the natural movement of a home but not bow out in the middle is important for large or tall windows. I would personally have no concerns about the Mezzo. Alside has also managed to narrow the frame: The distance from the edge of the frame to the glass is a hair more than 3 inches. This is at least 3/4 of an inch more narrow than most of its competitors.

In the Mezzo, Alside has upgraded the vinyl extrusion, the locks, the sill and the seals without changing the rigid aluminum screen (which I’ve always liked). Unlike many other manufacturers, Alside manufactures their screens with the spline on the inside. This might not sound like a big deal but the aesthetic difference is huge.


Alside Mezzo Windows Colors

Alside Mezzo Interior Colors

Click to see Alside Mezzo Interior Colors

Alside Mezzo Exterior Colors

Click to see Alside Mezzo exterior colors

Like most of the windows offered by Alside, the Mezzo window is available with many color options both interior and exterior.  HOWEVER, only the white and beige colors are extruded. This means that white and beige are the actual colors of the vinyl itself. These colors are not painted or laminated onto the vinyl. If you were to scratch the window, it would scratch white and be almost entirely unnoticeable (same with beige). There is a slight up-charge over the cost of white windows for the beige option but they are essentially the same price. However, all of the other colors (both interior and exterior) are laminates and are considerably more expensive. The process of laminating a window is time consuming and those costs are definitely passed down. In addition, although it’s very rare, dark exterior laminates and painted window frames have caused windows to warp in extreme heat. Dark colors absorb heat and don’t forget, these are VINYL windows. They’re literally made out of oil.  This warning is not limited to Alside windows. If anything, I would consider Alside a more trusted brand than most but it is widely known that any dark window, made dark by any process, is at risk for warping.


alside-mezzo-interior-profileAlside Mezzo Windows Options

There really aren’t too many options available to replacement windows that Alside doesn’t offer in the Mezzo package. There are many grid patterns available with both a flat and contoured design. Full Screens are an option, special hardware can be ordered and customers even have a few choices of obscure and etched glass. Alside offers many different grades of their ClimaTech insulated glass but even the standard ClimaTech package meets or exceeds the 2015 Energy Star guidelines. Double strength glass is standard but triple pane glass is not offered at all. The Alside Mezzo is even offered in both Single Hung and Double Hung versions… of course, the double hung version is slightly more expensive.


Installing the Alside Mezzo Windowsalside-mezzo-top-view

Our history at Adams Exteriors is primarily centered around installation. This is the one factor that isn’t listed in brochures or manufacturerreviews. How a window is built can play a role in how difficult a window is to install. This matters because the installation of your window is half of the deal.  If a window is difficult to install, that increases the chances of it being installed incorrectly. If a window is too rigid, it won’t flex with the natural movement of a home and if the window isn’t rigid enough it will bow out of shape and become impossible to lock. Having said all of that, the Alside Mezzo window is terrific. The window is solid enough to transport from the supply center to the job-site without worrying yet it flexes well once in place. The honeycomb chambers within the frame give this window enough strength to hold the heavy glass of large picture windows without being bulky. The same chambers keep the window frame from bowing out when attaching the frame to the wall studs.  Even with the window unlocked, open and on the ground… it’s difficult to force this window out of “square”.


Alside Mezzo Windows Warranty

alside mezzo warranty

Click to view the Mezzo Warranty

The Alside Mezzo Windows Warranty is exactly what you’d expect. Like most other reputable window manufacturers, Alside offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers virtually every part of the window but not installation. Finding a reputable vinyl replacement window company in Dallas might be as important as finding the right window. As they say, a great installer can overcome a bad window but a bad installer will ruin a good one. Along with the manufacturer warranty, be sure that you get a good workmanship warranty from your installation company.


Alside Mezzo Windows Cost


Click to view the Alside Mezzo Brochure

Alside allows its distributors to set the pricing on their windows but in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area the Mezzo window can


Adams Exteriors and the Alside Mezzo Windows

The Alside Mezzo window is a window that we are proud to offer and install. If you’ve received an estimate for the Mezzo already, we’d like to ask that you allow us to compete. If you’re interested in getting an estimate for the Alside Mezzo window (or any other quality replacement window offered to this area) we hope that you’ll allow Adams Exteriors the opportunity to compete for your business. Our estimates are honest / fair and they don’t usually expire. We do not pressure our potential customers in any way and we appreciate the opportunity to answer questions and provide a bit of window education.

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