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Arizona Window Company

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Arizona Window Company

So why are having quality windows in Arizona so important? Well, lets be real here. Arizona gets hot. It’s extremely dusty and clean air is generally a common problem. The only thing that stands between the outside elements and our comfort inside the home is our windows! Many homes in Arizona are outdated with single pane, low quality windows. This is extremely bad for keeping the cool air in your home, security and also keeping you healthy from outside elements such as dust and wind.

If you’re in a outdated home with older windows, replacing your windows in Arizona is as easy as 1, 2, 3! To find out if you need new windows, a very easy method is to go up to your windows and see if they are single pane. Single pane windows are a single plate of glass that separates you from the outside. It’s generally very noticeable to tell if you have this type of glass window or door.

Another test you can do to see if you need new windows for your home is to inspect them for any cracking or breaking either on the window directly or on the outside perimeter of the window itself. What is also very important to self-inspect on your home or business windows is the seals that are set in place to keep your window secured to the frame. With the Arizona heat, this is usually the most common problems for window failures, loss of cool air and dust getting in the home.

Be sure to inspect the outside perimeter of you window looking for broken seals or cracks in the seals. If you notice this, be sure to give Arizona Window Company a call or request a free online estimate!

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