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Best Window Replacement Companies in Gilbert (2024)

Best Window Replacement Companies in Gilbert (2024)

We identified the 10 best window replacement companies in Gilbert, AZ. Compare the top options and find qualified experts to replace or install new windows.

Best Window Replacement Companies in Gilbert (2024)

How To Choose a Window Company in Gilbert

Each window installer has unique offerings and approaches. To simplify the company search, keep these factors in mind:

Window Cost by Type

Replacing your windows is a substantial expense, so balancing cost with performance is crucial. Although top-of-the-line windows may come with a higher initial price tag, they often provide better long-term value due to their longer lifespan. The overall cost of your replacement windows will depend on the specific sizes, styles, and materials you need. Single-hung windows often cost less due to their straightforward style and simple mechanisms, while a custom-cut arch window in a master suite will cost more. A window expert can guide you through selecting the products that fit your preferences.

This table shows average prices for various window types to give you an idea of what to expect.

Window Types Average Cost
Arched $208-$1280
Awning $301-$840
Bay $695-$5158
Custom $309-$859
Casement $240-$1394
Double-hung $112-$726
Egress $206-$515
Glass Block $41-$521
Picture $181-$1337
Single-hung $81-$1375
Skylight $103-$1241
Sliding $236-$1203
Storm $48-$340
Transom $252-$527

Window Material Cost

Materials also help determine a window’s cost. You might choose a material based on your desired look, your energy efficiency goals, and the local climate. For example, wooden windows can give your home an organic design without breaking the bank, but you’ll have to invest more toward maintenance. Aluminum and composite windows cost more up-front, but they’re incredibly durable against the elements, so you’ll spend far less on maintenance.

Window Types Average Cost
Aluminum $48-$1375
Composite $496-$1115
Fiberglass $81-$695
Vinyl $167-$1547
Wood $248-$1394

Other Window Replacement Costs

Ask each company you’re considering about labor costs, warranty fees, and permit fees. This will help you get a clear picture of the overall expenses involved in the project.

Experience and Training

Browse a company’s website and chat with a representative to learn more about its product and service offerings, pricing, and guarantees. Many window companies also keep online photo galleries that exhibit past projects.

Ensure that the company focuses on window replacement. The more specific training its staff has, and the longer it has been in operation, the more likely it will provide excellent service.

Licensing and Credentials

Any window installer whose job contracts cost $1,000 or more needs a license from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. To be eligible, a contractor must successfully complete business and trade exams and have at least four years of practical experience. While the state has a “handyman exemption” for jobs under $1,000, it is not applicable to jobs that necessitate pulling permits.

Types of Windows Offered

The kind of window you desire should factor into your company choice. Not every installer will necessarily be familiar with the types you want. A company website will show more about the kinds of windows it deals with, such as:

Finally, pay close attention to the framing materials that a provider uses. Each window frame material has a different life span, energy efficiency level and price point. A company will usually specify whether the windows they set up use vinyl, wood, metal, fiberglass, or composite.

Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to vet a company is to see what other customers have written about their experiences. Read customer reviews on sites such as Yelp, Trustpilot, and Google. You can also view customer reviews and company ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website. Speak with people you know who have used a company you’re interested in, and ask a representative for a copy of its reference list.

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